Conclave 2017 Registration

Hello everyone!

Just a quick little bit reminding you to make sure you or your advisor have registered yourself for Conclave 2017 which is from July 14-16 in Fremont, Nebraska on Midland University Campus.

By clicking here you can download the registration packet for this year. On there you will also see a range of activities which we will be doing at Conclave this year. The regular ritual competition will be the opening to our event on Friday and other fun events such as bubble soccer and a scavenger hunt.

Also on Friday we will have our State-wide Initiation. I have already been reaching out to many of you about doing parts for those degrees and if you have any questions or need help memorizing, please let me know. The degrees will be posted once all the positions are filled. On Saturday morning we will elect our new State Officers as well as our New State Sweetheart.

Just a note: all activities on the agenda that are set for the theater have been moved to the Fremont Masonic Lodge.

We hope to see you all at Conclave in July!