Newest Masonic Youth Leaders!

Over the last week, Nebraska Jobs Daughters held their annual Grand Bethel where they chose their very own leaders for the upcoming year. Nebraska DeMolay would like to congratulate the three new Masonic Youth Leaders for the year of 2017-2018 from Jobs Daughters in Nebraska.

Miss Nebraska Jobs Daughter: Kiley Simmons on the left (Past Omaha Chapter Sweetheart)
Grand Bethel Honor Queen: Meghann McCurdy on the right (Keene Chapter Sweetheart)
Miss Nebraska Congeniality: Kristin Sandford in the middle

A special congratulations of course goes out to Keene Chapter Sweetheart, Miss Meghann McCurdy who has prepared for countless hours for the position she has been given. We know that she will do an amazing job as the year progresses.

We hope to work alongside these three new leaders alongside the members of Nebraska Rainbow and their Grand Worthy Advisor Joy Hartranft throughout the upcoming year to grow our organizations. We would also like to congratulate the past Masonic Youth Leaders of Nebraska Jobs Daughers Miss Ashton Stuart, Hannah King, and Courtney Edelmaier on an amazing year. The bond between our organizations has grown immensely over this time and without their support that bond would be nonexistent.

Cheers to a new year of leadership and growth in Nebraska Jobs Daughters!