Back to School!

Many of you active DeMolay’s are heading back into school during the month of August and some may have already started school. Today we are going to talk a bit about upcoming events and how DeMolay can be promoted within schools!

Upcoming Events

As school is fast approaching we tend to find a slow down on DeMolay events as guys tend to get back into the school groove. However, here are some upcoming events in the coming months that you may want to attend!

Keene Chapter’s End of Summer Bash

Lewis M. Keene Chapter in Fremont is holding their end of school bash on August 13 at Fun Plex in Omaha. This is a great opportunity for you to bring prospective members into joining DeMolay. The time is set for 1:00pm and if you need any more information, please contact Keene Chapter Dad, Grady Wells at

Lincoln Chapter Installation of Officers

Lincoln Chapter is holding their installation on August 27th at 2pm during this event brother Jacob Kassebaum will be installed as the Master Councilor of the chapter. Please go out and support your fellow brothers as they are installed to their new offices!

Installing Team:

-Installing Officer: Kyle Barchus
-Installing Senior Councilor: Jake Leeper
-Installing Junior Councilor: Jonathan Moats
-Installing Chaplain: Ryan Birner
-Installing Marshall: Joel Phillips
-Installing Senior Deacon: Kyle J. Hart

Omaha Chapter Back to School Bash

On September 16th Omaha Chapter will be holding their back to school bash where DeMolay’s, prospective DeMolay’s, as well as members of Rainbow and Jobs Daughters may attend! This event so far is being planned as an neon 90s themed dance and the admission is a free will donation with all proceeds going towards the Tangier’s hospital transportation fund. More information will be available at a later date.

Masonic Youth Leadership Conference!

Now this one is a big one that we have talked about in a previous post. The tri-annual Masonic Youth Leadership Conference is coming up on September 23-24 at the Holiday Inn in Kearney. You will not want to miss this one. With huge speakers and a lot of fun this is a DeMolay experience that we can not stress going to enough. Registration must be postmarked by September 1st. Find all your information and paperwork here

That is all we have for you at this time! Advisors, if there are any events that you have upcoming, please send them to so that they may be added to the calendar and put in posts similar to this! Thank you!