DeMolay Joins Mavricks Hockey Team!

For those of you who are not aware, one of our very own DeMolay members from Omaha chapter, brother Isaac Barchus has joined the UNO Mavericks hockey team this season as their newest recruit!

Brother Barchus has a rare disease known as CANDLE Syndrome, which is an auto inflammatory disease that can cause a lot of pain to the individual. However even through his struggle with this rare disease, our young DeMolay hasn’t had that stop him from getting the most out of not only DeMolay but his life. According to Channel 6 WOWT News, a non profit called Team IMPACT, our brother was able to become a Maverick, getting his own locker with the team and the ability to sit in on practices and on the bench during games.

This is an amazing experience for Brother Barchus as he is able to be with his favorite hockey team for this next season and live a dream of his own. Nebraska DeMolay would like to congratulate Brother Barchus on this new recruitment and we hope that he has a great season with the UNO Mavericks!

View the full story on WOWT News here!