Current Term Theme

The Brotherhood Awakens!

This year, Nebraska DeMolay’s theme is Star Wars with the slogan being “The Brotherhood Awakens”. Our State Master Councilor chose this slogan because it fits with his theme, his predecessors theme, “DeMolay Reborn” as well as his primary goal for the year. The goal for this year is to give DeMolay in Nebraska a more positive reputation. State Master Councilor Kyle plans to do this with presentations to promote DeMolay throughout the other masonic bodies and placing posters and information booths throughout the communities to raise awareness in the general population. He will also have reunion parties to bring back and recognize our senior DeMolay brethren in Nebraska. The hope for his term is to strengthen the reputation and awareness of DeMolay in Nebraska, and with the help of the other Demolay’s throughout Nebraska, he believes that we could find ourselves growing more than we ever have in a long time.

Kyle Barchus

Kyle Barchus is the 97th State Master Councilor and is a member of Omaha Chapter

Kyle has been an active member of Nebraska DeMolay since December 9, 2009. In his years in DeMolay he has been dedicated to the ideals and precepts of the organization. Throughout his time as State Master Councilor he hopes to meet new DeMolay’s throughout the world and better Nebraska DeMolay as a whole. He is a recipient of the Chevalier Degree, DeMolay of the Year, Representative DeMolay, Nebraska DeMolay of the Year, Omaha Chapter DeMolay of the term, Lamp of Knowledge, Blue Honor Key and the Founder’s Membership Award.

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