Current Term Theme

DeMolay Reborn!

In legends it is said that the mythical phoenix is born again and again through ash and flame to become an improved version of it’s previous self.

The aspect of the phoenix is the basis for the 2016-2017 term. Nebraska DeMolay hopes to rise through from the ashes this term in order to become a better version of their previous self. Through reestablishing new chapters around the state as well as reinforcing current chapters, we hope to accomplish this.

Dakota Wells

Dakota Wells is the 96th State Master Councilor and is a member of Lewis M. Keene Chapter in Fremont

Dakota has been an active member of Nebraska DeMolay since December 9, 2009. In his years in DeMolay he has been dedicated to the ideals and precepts of the organization. He is a recipient of the Chevalier Degree, DeMolay of the Year, Representative DeMolay, Lamp of Knowledge and the Founder’s Membership Award.

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